Wednesday, May 2

something clicked

well, i guess something clicked with the girl. she's been sleeping 8 hours every night since sunday night. thank God, since i was getting really tired of waking up every 3 hours with her. the tooth is still coming in, it hasn't broken the skin yet.

and on top of sleeping through the night again, i'm getting her on a bedtime schedule. yay! so, around 7:30, 8 ish, we start the bath, feeding, rocking bit, with the intent of getting her in bed by 9:30, 10 at the latest. and i'm making 2 naps a day mandatory. she usually fusses a little bit at first, but settles down and goes to sleep. i feel like a mom, now more than ever. this sleep thing is definitely a "i'm the mom, and that's why" thing with her. if she had her way, she would stay up as long as her little eyes could stand it.

i don't have a lot of pictures, but i do have an amazing one that ellen took when i was at kroger yesterday. it's definitely frame worthy. go ellen!

my hope is that the book picture is only a harbinger of things to come. she's getting so alert, and she's starting to chew on things and grab at things, when only 2 weeks ago, she wasn't so grabby. the milestones she's hitting are making me a little sad, since our baby is already growing up. yes, i know she's still an infant, but these three months have gone so fast. oh yes. zoe is three months old today. 3 months ago, right now, i was in the recovery room after surgery, and zoe was getting pumped full of drugs to normalize her blood pressure. strange how time truly changes all things.

and more is on the horizon.

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