Thursday, January 24

so, i've been working on getting pictures uploaded for about a week now. well, video that is. apparently, i didn't install the software correctly the first time, or something of that nature. and this week i also started back at starbucks. so in between getting up at 4 am to go to work, and having to uninstall and reinstall drivers, i haven't gotten all the videos uploaded. in the mean time, here's some pictures to tide you over. january has been an odd month for me blogging, i haven't felt like talking much... but here's what's been going on in the absence of posting.

zoë walks now. like, seriously walks.

i would venture to say she walks about 40-50% of the time, and crawls the rest. she's so cute toddling around, bending down to grab toys and then getting up again. she loves it when she gets to chase me around on the floor. if i crawl backwards, she hauls her little butt towards me in a rush. if i crawl towards her, she crawls around me and chases me around the room. it's ridiculous.

she says "book" which i guess counts as her first word that isn't mama or papa. she waves bye bye much more frequently than she did before, and seems to understand the concept. she waves to her room when we go downstairs, and waves to the downstairs when we go to her playroom.

she definitely understands the concept of "no," shaking her head to herself when she gets near something she knows she's not supposed to touch. usually, the only thing she's not allowed to touch is the fireplace screen. we just want it to be a forbidden zone at all times, even when there isn't a fire. she'll take a few steps towards it, shake her head, and then re-route her steps to avoid it. well, most of the time. sometimes i have to say "no" in my mommy voice, and she'll look over at me, shake her head, and keep trying to touch it.

she's such a laughing child. so full of joy, and so full of life. i really miss her when i'm at work, and i'm thankful spencer is able to be with her when i'm not home. i work mornings, from open, which gets me at starbucks at 5, until around noon. by the time i get home, she's only been really awake for about an hour (she sleeps in soooo late.) and she's ready to play. so, the upside is, spencer gets to do the morning feeding and diapering, and we're getting free coffee weekly to boot.

her birthday is only days away, which is so surreal to me. this has been the fastest year of my life. i can see how much she's changed my life, but if someone had told me these things a year ago, i don't know if i would have understood. everyone thinks they understand how much a child changes you, but you don't really know until they arrive. this year has been a joy. i am hoping all the years to come are filled with joy as well. i know there will be pain, and painful times, but i believe we will all come through them just fine.

so enough of my blather. here's the cutest kid ever. and if you don't agree, don't tell me.

Thursday, January 17

snow!!! videos to come hopefully tonight.

Wednesday, January 9