Friday, January 9

so zoë has done nothing but talk about fishies since we got back from the aquarium. the trip was a birthday present for her, and i am too impatient to wait until february.

which, speaking of february, we actually hit our 2 year "blogiversary" on december 26th or 27th. i can't remember which day. either way, hard to believe it's been 2 years.

and when it comes to other 2 year old things, zoë's 2nd birthday is swiftly approaching, and i'm scrambling to figure out what to do for her birthday party. i think a good bit of sewing is in order, to make her a happy birthday banner, with cupcakes. also known as "hacakes" to the little girl who seems to learn 2 or 3 new words a day. as you can tell from one set of pictures, she got to see an "ocaticker" or to those not in the know, an octopus. actually, she's starting to ask questions, but they're the funniest questions. they go something along these lines every time. "i oy all ee kee shishy?" which is toddler for "dear mother, would you be so kind as to give me a goldfish please?" hahaha... sometimes i crack myself up. also, we're hearing "shishy? no shishies." from her a lot. which i'm guessing means she knows we can't go see the fishies, but she sure would like to. she says "ohwie? no ohwie." when we pass aunt lori's house, but we can't stop. crazy. 2 years ago, i was begging for her to hurry up, and hoping i wasn't pregnant until groundhogs day. which i was, incidentally. strange how i predicted that one...

so there's the update, plus some pictures.


very crowded tunnel, and there was a baby crying right next to us. hence the dour expressions.

finally!!! i think i have found a picture solution. we got a removable usb device that lets us insert the camera sd card into it, and then we can upload to the computer that way... so very soon, you should see regular pictures.

also, we went to the aquarium for zoë's birthday, a bit early, but pictures should be forthcoming.