Sunday, May 27

the trip

this was my attempt to get her to take a nap... a shirt that smells like me, and swinging in her swing... it didn't work.
in the car on the way to the airport
checking out the other window
yay~ clean diaper!
security checkpoints are stinky! (according to zoe)
flying coach again... and still unimpressed
fast asleep after eating

meeting her greatgrandma and greatgrandpa squier for the first time. (from now on, they're grandma and grandpa squier)
grandma and zoe
dad getting some zoe time in immediately
trying to get zoe to roll over on cue
marlene and her favorite niecey
mmm... chewy toys
the greats and zoe
my folks and zoe (notice her goofy face)
getting prepped for the 4 generation picture
zoe is being uncooperative...
now she's behaving. too bad she wouldn't smile
on the tummy again
lazing around on my bed
mom and zoe at the airport
telling the girl goodbye
we upgraded to business class, and zoe decided she's never flying coach again... we got free cookies, and even stretched out more!
"do we get an appetizer?"
about to try her first sip of coke... kidding!
she's more interested in what i'm eating
her first dinner at a restaurant
passed out at home
sleeping on her tummy
homemade quiche - and yes, i made the crust too
mmm... waffles
ready to be devoured

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