Sunday, January 28

groundhog day?

soooo..... i'm almost a week late. in the waiting, i have finished 2 sweaters for her. she just needs to come out to wear them.

everyday someone either calls or drops me an email asking if the baby's here yet. it's not like i wouldn't call, but i understand everyone's excitement. spencer and i were convinced she just had to come this week. and it's sunday at 10:40, and she's not here. and she's making no moves to come out.

tomorrow i have another doctors appointment, and i'm going to ask if there's anything i can be doing to get her on her way out. i really don't want to induce, or have a c-section, but at the same time, i want her to be safe.

groundhog's day is feb. 2. if that's what she's waiting for, what if she sees her shadow?

Wednesday, January 24


it's now the day after my due date. i had a feeling zoë would take her time, but this waiting is getting harder. i'm now 4cm, 85% effaced, and no serious labor contractions. we had a little scare last night (well, not a scare) and it turned out to be false labor. so, now we just keep waiting. i keep telling myself it will be soon. and that i can't be pregnant forever. at least i heard it's medically impossible to be pregnant forever.

Thursday, January 11

moving on up... or down as it were

well... at long last, zoë is moving down on the long journey outta here! she is finally dropping into my pelvis, instead of hanging out in Lula (a town north of where i live) as my doctor put it last week. and, i'm 1cm. dilated, and 70% effaced. best case scenario, we've got a week, worst case scenario, we've got 3 to wait. i'm okay with waiting, i just want zoë to be healthy, and completely ready to come out. i am excited about her finally getting here though... yay!

Wednesday, January 3


Now all we need is her. Only 3 more weeks, and maybe she'll decide to come visit us early. Not too early though. The anticipation is certainly more pronounced than anything I've ever experienced. The feeling is closely followed by waiting for Christmas break when we lived up north, the promise of snow, presents, icicles to suck on, and ponds to attempt to skate on. This surpasses those feelings. A thousand fold.