Monday, April 30


so, we didn't go for a walk yesterday. but we did go to ellen and greg's yesterday for dinner. while we were there, zoe laid down in the cradle that greg made 30 years ago for spencer. i have some pictures of her in it, which is such a neat thing to me. i can't believe my strapping red headed husband was small enough to fit in there, just like....

i can't believe zoe is already cutting a tooth. you read it here folks. baby beans is getting her first tooth. last night i was checking her gums for teeth (i know, neurotic mom, but she's soooo drooly) and there was a small white spot on her gums. the tooth hasn't come through the gums yet, but you can see it coming in. and where it's coming in is a little swollen as well. this certainly helps explain some of her crankiness from the weekend, but i'm hoping she doesn't get any worse. i've got orajel, but it's not recommended for babies under 4 months. the question i have though, is what about early teethers? do they get any relief? i will most likely give it to her, before bed, and pray it helps. she is definitely the weight of a 4 month old, so her body would be able to handle the dosage.

and right now, she's been asleep for 6 1/2 hours. a new record. okay, a new record for the past 2 weeks. that kid has gotten up every 2 1/2 -3 hours around the clock these last couple weeks. i keep telling myself that she'll start sleeping through the night again soon. man, i hope so.

so there's the scoop on the girl. teeth, no sleep, and pictures in dad's cradle to come.

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