Wednesday, February 24

the curls, washed and brushed.

cool chalkboard from aunt lori

listening to the baby in michelle's tummy

it's my birthday party!! - we heard this a lot that week.

where's zoë at? (it's her new favorite phrase)

she wanted to build an igloo, but had to settle for a snowman.

you probably noticed there weren't any kids at the party. there was a nasty stomach bug that hit almost every family with kids in our church, and we were pretty much the lone survivors. probably because no one was well enough to come to the party.

tea and sympathy

i'm drinking a big mug of tea, and thinking, "there's something i was supposed to do last week, and i can't remember for the life of me what it was... oh. right. blog about zoë."

so here we are. i'm hoping the pictures work this time, because it's so frustrating to edit them for posting, and then have them not show up. i don't know, i still might be switching hosts, because i'm getting close to hitting my limit for posted pics, and i don't want to pay out any money. however, there will be tons of warning before that ever happens, as well as more internet dithering over whether or not to stay with blogger. and of course, i would make sure the archives came over as well.

it's hard for me to believe i've been blogging (albeit, more faithfully at times than others) for over 3 years. 255 posts later, i hope there is a sense of belonging to us and our lives, because as many of you are aware, i am horrible at traditional means of communication. not that it's excused in any form, but it is a flaw i am terribly aware of. it's one of those things i thought would magically disappear when i became a mother and an "adult" but i am still awful at thank you notes, and phone calls, and christmas cards, and all the other social niceties i so enjoy being on the receiving end of. so while i can't promise a flood of thank you notes (which really ought to be written and sent by now, but i've been a bit flooded with school work) i will try to get a lot more on top of that. i'm trying y'all. i really am.

with all of that behind us, let's attempt to post some pictures of zoë.

Saturday, February 13

blogger issues, again.

so i'm not sure why, but blogger can't locate all the pictures i've just spent the last 30 minutes editing for posting. so when we get home later, i'll post them. i hope. ugh.

birthdays, snow days, and great days

because of the snow, i'm sitting at home, blogging, rather than sitting hunched over my loom, weaving like a 19th century 11 year old girl with no marriage prospects. haha. so here's all the pictures from this week, zoë's birthday, our 4 inches of snow, and zoë playing in it. there's no snow on the roads, which is a real blessing, so we're taking ourselves over to a friends house in our.......... new car! finally, we own a car of our own, and aren't borrowing one. it's been since november that we've been relying on the kindness of other people to ensure we're getting around. but we found a good deal on a little honda civic, and while it's not the biggest family car ever made, it's reliable, it's clean, and it's ours.

i have pics from zoë's birthday party, where in an apparent bid to usher summer in, i made pulled pork barbecue in the crockpot, potato salad, mac n cheese, and a big chocolate cake. with sweet tea to drink. all i needed was watermelon, and it would have been a menu straight out of june.

the mid 50's got colder very quickly, and we got 4 inches of snow last night, in about 4 hours. it's going to warm up, which means by monday it will be ugly and slushy. but zoë had a blast in the backyard today, and only wanted to come inside after her fingers got too cold. she kept asking to build an igloo, and i had to explain to her that georgia doesn't get enough snow to build an igloo. but the snow was glorious packing snow, and we made a little snowman, and threw snowballs at the house, where spencer was relaxing inside.

i was really glad i went grocery shopping on thursday, because spencer said people were driving crazy last night trying to get home. ugh. give us a little snow, and no one understands that driving crazy will get you in a wreck, not protect you from the evil white flakes falling from the sky. i think i've been in the south for too long though, and probably can't get away with laughing at the way the southerners drive. for all intents and purposes, i am a southerner, cringe cringe. ;)

needless to say, there's lot of pics, and they will follow in the next post.

Tuesday, February 2

lots of giggles
and smiles

finally smiling for the camera...
not very healthy groceries, but she picked them out and checked them out herself.

getting more carbs to go with her lil debbie snacks.
scheduling appointments in the beauty salon
flying the plane
in the pretend ice skating rink, staring at the santa suspended in the corner, wondering why i've been telling her christmas was over.
forget the fire truck, hug the stuffed dalmatian.
showing proper dental hygiene
one final run around the playroom before leaving
checking out the kitties at the pound (the dogs and puppies were way too loud, and scared her)
giving high-5s.
the cat wouldn't high 5 her back.
i wanted to adopt this one on the spot... soooo sweet!
she inherited her gravity defying tricks from me and spencer (there's a wedding pic of us flying, so apparently it's genetic)
birthday presents!!!
what's in here?
potato heads!
open it momma!
movies to watch about being safe
lots of potato heads
showing me her cowboy mustache
making a very silly mr. potato head

this will be hours of entertainment, until all the parts are lost to the nether world of under her bed, or in the closet
at lunch at the grit today, eating mac n cheese
showing me her kissy face
kissy face round 2
the lips are starting to turn into a smile while i laugh at her behind the camera
the giggles began after this point
playing with her princess necklace (vintage paste rhinestones)

mmmm.... chocolate peanut butter cupcake
potato head eyebrows and cupcake
there's peanut butter in there!

and she then passed out from all the excitement, and is still napping 2 hours later.