Sunday, May 27

trip commentary

so, the second big trip to grandma's house. it couldn't have come at a better time, or at a worse time... zoe has gotten so much more social, and she's a trip to be around. on the other hand, she'd just learned to roll over, and couldn't figure out how to sleep on her stomach. at least not while we were there. so stinky wouldn't take any naps, because she would keep rolling over, and ended up being a more cranky girl than usual. however, grandma and grandpa squier really enjoyed her, and she really enjoyed them. dad taught me a new trick with zoe... when laying her down on her back, lightly bounce her on the mattress, simulating getting jiggled while she's being walked or rocked. he put her to sleep more than anyone, and i'm thankful he was able to get her to take at least 2 naps.

marlene and i watched another hitchcock movie, rear window... man. i think i'm a little desensitized by shows like CSI, but it wasn't a surprise ending to me. i won't give it away, but i didn't believe a certain character was __________ like ______ _______. so there. but it's a fabulous movie, and i really appreciate my sister opening my horizons to classic cinema.

all in all, the trip went well, especially the flight home. oh my gosh. there was a youth group of 30 teenagers, flying to florida on the full flight, with 18 people on standby. i didn't know any of this when i was checking in my luggage... the counter person asked if i wanted to upgrade to business class, and on a whim, i agreed. i am so glad i did. seriously, those kids would have made my flight miserable! zoe and i need a little more room than just one seat, so i usually reserve a seat at the back of the plane, since no one sits back there. not this time. we flew in style (ha!), at least as much style as business class on airtran can give. we did get free cookies, and a more responsive flight crew. and when we arrived in the insane atlanta airport (remind me to never fly on memorial day weekend again) it took us an hour to get our luggage. but, at least they didn't lose it, since mom once again got zoe a metric ton of clothes.

ryan still hasn't seen zoe, but i'm hoping he'll be able to come up in july. he was in st. vincent, doing work in AIDS education, and got 2nd degree burns on the last day he was there. now, i'm pretty fair, like dad, but ryan... well, ryan never burns. ever. he only tans. he gets golden brown, but never crispy. and for him to burn like he did, i would have caught on fire in an identical circumstance.

so, there's the gossip. or not. but that is the update. we're home, and like every sunday for the last 6 weeks, we (i) made a big brunch, eating at 11. so, i included pictures of this weeks brunch. a home made quiche and waffles... and i also included pictures of zoe passed out at home for your viewing pleasure. she's finally sleeping on her stomach, and life is returning to normal.

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