Thursday, May 10

we're going crazy around here

i'll let you in on a surprise - i signed up for google adsense. in case you don't know what that is, i'm now going to have ads on my page. that is, if i can find a way to make them discreet, and not take over. here's the deal. i know i won't make a lot of money off of it. but maybe, if i make 100 bucks in a year, i could get spencer a christmas present. lame, i know. but now you know. so, in the next couple days, you'll see some ads show up on the page. google is pretty good at matching the ad to the content of the page, so hopefully it won't be anything crazy. if you see something interesting on the page, be a dear and click on it. i make no guarantees about the link, but google also manages that too. now remember, you're helping pay for christmas.... and who wants to ruin christmas? not you, i bet. :)

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