Friday, October 31

so, some of my loyal readers (hahaha) have asked what zoë is saying. i thought i would fill you in on the words she knows, and says on a regular basis.

eat (of course!)
ewwww stinky (usually preceded by her or someone else passing gas)
grandpa (but no grandma)
hot (usually followed by blowing on whatever object she has deemed as hot)
copter (there is a military installation near the house, and helicopters fly over regularly)
fishy (sounds like shishy)
hi (said to any and everyone within earshot. and she'll repeat it until she gets a response)
bye bye
see ya
night night
quack quack
dinosaur noises (she won't say dino, but she will roar when you ask her what it says)
puppy (plus woofing)
kitty (plus meowing)
birdie (plus making high pitched squeely noises)
no ma'am
thank you
and yay!

i was really worrying about her, about a month ago. she had about 5 words, and while she understood a lot of them, she wasn't saying them. than all of a sudden, complete language explosion. i kid you not, aside from mama, poppa, no ma'am, bye bye, and juice, she didn't say any of these 4 weeks ago. it's been surreal, watching her mind expand at such a high rate. she understands quite a few more words, but she's not saying them yet. i guess we need to wait until next month.

Friday, October 24

so, we have a place to live, and a car. we're staying with spencer's parents in dahlonega, and our dear friends have loaned us one of their vehicles until thanksgiving. spencer never did get the law enforcement job locally that he applied for. within a few days of completing all the necessary background checks, etc, the county froze hiring. he's still processing for a federal job located in washington d.c... all of that is in the Lord's hands. we're hoping spencer can get everything finished by tuesday, but if all goes well, he should be starting next week as a driver in atlanta. he would have to move closer to his job, as we live 82 miles (one way!) away from downtown atlanta. our friends (the same ones who loaned us the vehicle) have family who live about 60 miles closer in, who are willing to let spencer stay with them.
if it doesn't make sense to you why we would even do something like that, you might not be aware of how dire things really are getting, in terms of available jobs. in the local paper, this last week, there were 3 jobs listed. only 3... and 4 pages of foreclosure notices. it's certainly getting very hard to find employment, and we are not going to do anything to jeopardize this job. spencer has applied for over 300 jobs in the last 4 months. and all of them he was qualified for. all over the country, all over the region. and this is the only job to interview him. when he interviewed for the position last week, he was one of 4 men applying. of the 4, 2 were homeless, 1 was living in a house about to foreclose, and the other was draining his savings trying to stay afloat. it's intense. which is why we are so very thankful for family. and friends helping us stay out of a shelter, and able to get to a job. things are going to be stabilizing for us soon, so rejoice with us. the Lord is faithful. He is taking care of us.