Sunday, May 20

inspired by hitchcock's shadow of a doubt

so last time i was in memphis, marlene and i watched shadow of a doubt. somehow, the promo pictures from the bonus dvd worked into my subconscious, and made me turn towards black and white film for this last set. so, thank you marlene. i hope these have the drama of the ones we saw together. and i have no idea why this text is underlined. sorry.

and while we're on the subject of zoe (ha!) i thought i'd share a little "first" she had the other day. the weather in atlanta has been absolutely wonderful, cool breezes, warm days, and sunny. we were outside close to 8pm, and the light was perfect for sitting outside. zoe was sitting on the trunk of the car - (i had her propped, mom!) and a gust of wind blew up. she had the funniest reaction, flapping her arms and breathing very quickly. she broke out into a huge grin, and as soon as the wind blew on her again, she was back to flapping. she was so excited by this new experience, and it made me wish i took the same kind of pleasure in simple things. like enjoying a cool breeze, and really just enjoying it. not thinking about the dinner that needs to be cleaned up from, not thinking about the bills to pay, but just letting the wind wash over your face, and breathing deep. it's fascinating to me to see the way she just experiences, "like a child." i can only hope that when she begins to become aware of God and faith, that her constructs won't be complicated, but that she can come and experience Him like a child. no pre-conceived ideas, just faith.

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