Wednesday, May 23

another big adventure

soooo.... tomorrow we're off to memphis again. it feels like such a short time ago that we were making our first big trip. speaking of, i need to update her baby book... bad mommy. but yes, tomorrow, zoe and i are braving the friendly skies again, to go see her memphis grandparents. and MY grandparents will be there too, so zoe will get to meet her great-grandparents. very exciting. grandma told me by the third generation, she's really figured things out, so this trip ought to be lots of fun. heck, by the time i'm a great-grandma, i'll have it all together. maybe. i probably will still forget to vacuum. but that's okay. at least i'm consistent.

on a side note, i made my first meringue pie last night. it was wonderful. it was a lemon-lime meringue pie, and while it was labor intensive (seriously, egg whites take forever to get beaten into stiff peaks!) i certainly enjoyed my half of it. and i wonder why it seems like the weight is taking forever to come off. i gave the other half to lori, since spencer isn't too much on gooey fillings in his desserts. so to compensate, he got banana bread. and i also dyed some yarn, using a method i learned on the internet. greens, purples, pinks and blues. looks like a monet painting to me.

so, enough inane details. tomorrow, i'll be on a plane, headed for the mississippi state line. like last time, i probably won't post pictures or post at all until i get back.

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