Friday, July 27

so, here's the deal. zoe's got very cute leg rolls. she also enjoys long walks in the evening, and squirrels. her favorite card game is gin rummy, and even though she helped michelle, i still won. also, new toys are big sunglasses and new toasters.

Monday, July 23

more of the beans

she's got so much hair. but none of her pics show it. and it's actually pretty thick for baby hair.

leftovers of breakfast on her face. she was saving it in her cheeks to spit out later.

she's really getting better at sitting up. and the dress size is a 12-18mo.

Friday, July 20

almost fall

there's something that the close of july does to me. i don't know if it's the imminent promise of fall, or the hope that the dog days of summer will be short this year. but every year around this time, i get bit by a crafty bug.

and while my mom will tell you (and i will wholeheartedly agree) that zoe does not need any clothing, i find myself incapable of resisting the charms of creating children's clothing.

today, i chopped up a pillowcase and made her a dress. and while the dress is approximately an 18month size dress, it has adjustable straps, so it can grow (a little) with her. and i might even try to get her in it now. just for the sake of pictures. but only after she gets up from her nap.

here's the dress, almost finished. i just needed to sew on some buttons, and get the side closures just right.

Thursday, July 19

mmmm... breakfast

i found this pic that the hospital printed for us... zoe was only an hour old or so. big changes since then.
she's starting to roll around a lot more, and she scoots backwards too.
so i put our king size quilt on the floor to protect her legs from carpet burn
she's reaching for everything now.
and she's really into her toys.
more than she ever was before. and look! she's accessorizing!
everything goes in her mouth
and her mouth goes on everything within slobbering distance
she was starting to get sleepy
so before bed, we fed her.
rice cereal, sweet potatoes, and green beans
she enjoyed making a mess more than she enjoyed eating.