Friday, March 30

the end of spring

it appears that spring has come and gone, and summer is on the way. it's been in the mid 80's and let me give a small sigh of disappointment. sigh.

meanwhile, in other news, the blog has a new layout. the layout is fabulous, except for one minor detail... i no longer have comments enabled on the posts. so, just drop me an email to let me know what you think. i believe everyone who reads this knows how to get in contact with me, whether by myspace or email, but, for those who don't, its: AT

change out the word at for @ and you're set. the periods remain in the email address, and i check it periodically. not as often as i check my main address, but this way, if i get spammed to death, at least it's not my main account. and if that's too complicated, click on over to the tagboard, and leave me a note.

zoe has been a little pill the last couple days, and i'm glad we're going to the pediatrician on monday. she's got some reflux issues, and i'm guessing i'll have to change my diet a bit. she's not vomiting forcefully, but after eating, she has to really work to keep her food down, especially if she falls asleep and we lay her down. for right now, i'm keeping her head a bit elevated for 30 minutes or so, and then laying her down. she swallows a lot after finishing eating, and when she gets burped, every once in a while, she spits up a lot of milk. last night, i got soaked. poor kid. i know she's feeling the worst of it, and a little pre-digested milk never hurt anyone. or at least it hasn't hurt me. but with the reflux comes short naps, and cranky babies.

she's sleeping for 45 minutes at a time during the day, and while i know she's becoming more alert, and will stay awake for longer stretches, she gets sooo cranky by the end of the day. she's not sleeping through the night anymore, and that's getting old too. at least she's only getting up once or twice, but it's still a disappointment. for example, last night she went to bed at 9. she woke up at 12, and it took me until 2:30 to get her wound down and asleep. she woke up at 5, and went to sleep at 6. after that, she slept until 11 this morning. i don't mind the midnight feeding at all, but 2 and 1/2 hours to go back to sleep is hard, especially since i went to bed at 9 too.

so, there's a small update on the girl. i'll take pictures later when she gets up. oh, and house news. we're building a house, in case you didn't know. so, yesterday spencer was talking to our builder, who is also a friend of his. waylon said we'd have to go down on square footage to stay within budget. the problem is, the neighborhood we were going to build in has a minimum square footage requirement. so, that means we're now looking for land again. the upside though, is that we found a plan that is smaller and has the kitchen i wanted all along. spencer's picky about the bathrooms in a plan, and i look for countertop space. so, we found a great compromise, and it's nearly an identical layout to my parent's house in mississippi. in fact, i'm changing the kitchen a little to be exactly the same layout. what can i say? i like my mom's kitchen.

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