Sunday, April 1

in review

ellen is letting me borrow her camera, so i can post some of the pictures she took at the shower yesterday. did i mention that spencer's family threw zoe a "welcome to the family" shower? and you might be wondering why i had to borrow ellen's camera, and why i didnt have pictures that i took. well, the answer is simple. i was too busy throwing up yesterday morning to be bothered with things like a baby shower. i say that very facetiously, but i got some sort of stomach bug, and was rendered unable to get out of bed most of yesterday. i was pretty disappointed to miss the shower, especially since it was so awesome of his family to put it on. so, zoe went with grandma and grandpa, and met relatives that i haven't even met yet.

they tell me she was a huge hit, smiling and chatting with everyone. well, chatting as much as she can. she got some absolutely adorable outfits, and it seems like no matter how much clothing this child has, she just keeps getting more.

i'm going to post some old pics, like one of me looking rough and pregnant. i certainly did not have "the glow"... i looked broken out, and exhausted. but hey, if i have to look that rough to have a baby this cute, then it's worth it! (not that looks are everything. because they're not.) and i'll also post some pics of the shower. zoe was surrounded by little girls who thought she was great, and you can tell she was a popular little lady.

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