Tuesday, March 27

an interesting weekend

you'll have to forgive the lack of recent posts. while zoe was sleeping through the night, for all of last week, the schedule changed this weekend. or at least it changed after the weekend. last night was nightmarish, as zoe woke up every 2-3 hours to eat, and slept for approximately an hour or so at a time.

that pattern continued into today, and she slept for 45 minutes at a time the entire day. she's been asleep for 2 1/2 hours now, and i feel a little like i'm playing russian roulette.

i'm guessing it's the lack of sleep, but i've been getting awful headaches... although the green scum that covers everything within pollination distance could be the culprit. ah, spring. the birds are singing, the flowers are blooming, and the trees are unleashing flying death upon us. i've forgotten how much of a contradiction in feelings that spring in the south brings up in me. in one sense, winter is over, and it's time to start playing outside again. but then reality sets in when my snot turns lime green (yes i know it's too much information, but get past it... i haven't discussed zoe's poop, so it could be worse.) and i come down with bronchitis because of uncontrolled allergies. so, enough of my complaints about spring. i'll save the real ranting for summer. since our bedroom is over the garage, and never gets below 78 degrees during the summer. sigh.

i did manage to take a few pictures of zoe, during the moments that she wasn't eating or crying because i wasn't holding her. one picture in particular is poignant to me, as it mirrors the first picture posted on the blog. we have the child in the crib now, the one we waited and prepared for, and had no idea what was in store.

this weekend was fun, as i had a girls night with ellen and lori and zoe. well, sorta. in between cooking dinner for spencer, feeding zoe, and watching to see if she was asleep yet, we had a girls night. marlene sent both lori and i movies, and while lori showed amazing restraint, i watched mine as soon as i opened the box. lori brought one movie that marlene sent, and it was fabulous. Sabrina was a very cute audrey heburn movie, one that took us 3 1/2 hours to watch, since i had to keep getting up to tend to zoe. oh, and did i mention that saturday was also a 2 hours at a time day? yeah. long weekend, no sleep, and i had another one of those days today.

this is an awfully complaining post, but i think sometimes i paint a rosy picture of life with zoe that is at times inaccurate. not that life with her isn't generally easy, and pleasant, but there are days that i pray God makes her go to sleep. today was one of them.

so, on to this incredibly photogenic child.

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