Thursday, March 8

tummy time on the boppy

her chicken was a big motivator, the one that she was reaching for in some previous pictures. but we also brought out some other animals, an elephant, and a butterfly that crinkles and makes noises. she's batting at things now, but loves to keep her hands in a fist. eventually, she'll start reaching with open hands... until then, the look on her face when she's entranced with something is priceless, and it's so fun to see her discover things. she's also starting to smile at spencer and i, but it's intermittent, and not as often as we'd like. i tell myself she's laughing at our silly faces, but maybe it's gas. i know we'll know the difference soon, and i'll probably cry the first time i know she REALLY smiled at me.

she has really done well supporting her head, and on her tummy, she's lifting it up and turning it like a champ. and when she lies on her tummy, those legs are always kicking, and she's pushing with her arms at the same time. i hope that's a sign of developmental progress, since like every parent, we want her ahead of the development curve.

and oh the chatter. she's making little noises all the time, not just grunts, but ah's and oh's at everything. when she bats at something, when i'm talking to her, when she wants to eat, or just to narrate. so, she'll be memorizing sonnets and reciting them soon. i'll keep you posted on that development.

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