Sunday, March 4

feeling under the weather...

the title gives the major reason i haven't posted in a few days. this weekend has found me very tired, and not quite exhausted, but pushing it. i'm not sure why i'm feeling so run down, but i don't like it. i slept until 1:30 this afternoon, and i'm so tired right now.... and it's not even 10:30 yet. maybe it's the late nights catching up with me, maybe.
but enough about my tiredness, you all came here to see the baby. who is back to eating on a more normal schedule, after 4 days of eating frantically every 2 hours. she's been sleeping a lot yesterday and today, something she did 2 weeks ago, after a similar eating binge. the only thing spencer and i have figured is that she was going through another growth spurt, since she was clingy, hungry all the time, and fairly cranky. at her last growth spurt, she gained 11 ounces and grew 1 1/2 inches, so we're curious to see what she grew this time. on with the show though.

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