Thursday, March 8

more photos

there is a link on the sidebar that takes you to an album of pictures. the pics are organized by upload date, and it's all the photos i've posted on the blog.

and in other, more exciting news, zoe slept for 7, yes, count them, 7 hours last night. from 10 p.m. to 5 a.m. and can i say that we were very excited parents? yes, we definitely were. we'll see if it repeats itself tonight, but even if it doesn't, last night was wonderful. so, today, we played a lot, hoping to wear her out, hoping for a repeat. she went to bed around 9:30, so if she sleeps until 4, i'll still be satisfied.

i went in to check on her this afternoon, around noon, and found her smiling in her crib. not fussing, or gassy smiling, but looking around, and smiling at the world. my heart melted, because seriously, does it get any sweeter than that? i keep telling myself it isn't too good to be true, and that babies really do show a sweet temperament from early on. i just can't believe what a blessing she is to me. and to spencer. i never thought i would enjoy being at home with her so much, because i get so cabin crazy. but i enjoy just sitting with her, and watching her take in the world around her. and it only gets better from here.

so, here's some pics of the punkin pie.

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