Saturday, March 17

at long last

so, it turns out the issues with my camera were nothing more than batteries that woudn't sustain a charge. i've had them for three years, and after countless rechargings, they quit holding a charge at all. it's been a lovely week with zoe, nothing of any great importance to report. she's still cute, still a snugglebug, and still eating. she has slowed down a little, so i guess her growth spurt is over.

i weighed myself without her, and then weighed myself with her, and the grand total was 14 pounds added to my weight. she's getting so big, and she's definitely gotten longer. i can still get some 0-3 month shirts on her, if they were made to be longer, but she's for the most part in all 3-6month clothing. pants included. i cannot find any shoes that are small enough to fit her feet, since the size 0's mom had sent me are too big. oh, to have small feet again.

the pictures i'm going to post are from earlier in the week, since i've been unable to take any lately. but, it's still pictures, right?

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