Monday, February 19

what is this thing you call a bath?

and after.

she enjoyed her bath yesterday, but complained that she got too cold. i did keep her wrapped up in her towel, while i washed her various limbs, but when i was washing her stomach and back, she was not pleased. her hair looks even more strawberry blonde, and it's soooo cute and fuzzy.

today, i noticed she's starting to sleep longer in stretches, getting up every 3 1/2 hours or so. yay! before long, she'll be sleeping through the night. and as soon as i truly believe that, i'm sure she'll decide that sleep is for the weak. oh well. there's nothing truly new to report on the zoë front, although every day it seems like she grows a little more. i'm glad for the photographic evidence of the changes in her face, or i would not believe how quickly she's growing.

oh! and just for mom, i'm going to post few pics of what she was wearing today. since she's going to grow out of it within a month anyway.

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