Friday, February 16

and the award for parents of the year goes to...

um, yes, that would be us. after spencer sat on the couch for 4 hours with zoë sleeping on his chest, we figured out why she might be cranky. she's cold. yes, folks, you read it here, babies get cold. after he laid her down at 1:30 am, she woke up at 2 and was hungry. so, i changed her, fed her, and *bingo* swaddled her in one of her receiving blankets before laying her down again. and what time did she get up folks? 6 am. this was after her staying awake yesterday from 1:30pm to 1:30am, with fitful 30 minutes naps in between.

let me just say, we felt brilliant this morning. when spencer was getting ready for work, i was feeding zoë again, and we discussed what zoë was really thinking when she was crying all those times yesterday. there is a verse in James that speaks of not telling a hungry, cold person to go on their way and be warm and well fed without helping them. and that was basically us last night. laying down a cold baby, and wondering why she wouldn't go to sleep. sigh. another notch on the parenting belt.
i'll get pictures later today, but right now, the warm snuggled baby is sleeping, and i'm going to go catch up on a little sleep myself.

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