Wednesday, February 21

the internet is a wondrous thing

last night zoë discovered the wonders of spencer was checking the site for updates, and zoë decided she wanted to watch strongbad check his email. she was entranced, and ended up getting so sleepy that she and spencer climbed into bed to go to sleep.

so, she fell asleep on poppa last night, and as soon as i picked her up, she woke up... sigh. she's already turning into a daddy's girl. we walked the hallway for a while, and then she fell asleep like someone had turned on a switch. last night was good, she went to bed at 10, got up at 1:30, woke up again at 3:30 for a small feeding, and then slept until 8:30. yay! i love the 5 hour stretches.

around 12:30 we decided to try out one of her toys... she's in love with her little chicken.
she was sort of reaching for it, but i think she was just flexing her arms. she was certainly intrigued by the small mirror which hung on the other side of the chicken, but i wasn't able to get any pictures of her looking into it.

the bib was a pre-emptive effort for when we went for round two on her bottle, but she got so tired from all the playing she fell asleep before round two started. she's asleep now, and i'm sure she'll be up around dinner time to beg for food. she has perfect hearing, i'm convinced, since she wakes up everyime spencer and i begin eating. fortunately, she still eats like she's never tasted food before, and her feedings are very quick. i should run, it's 3:20, and i desperately need a shower. lucky for me, this schedule feels a little like i'm back in college, so it's not stressing me out to be in my jammies until the afternoon. heck, when i was in college, there were some days i stayed in my pajamas all day, just because i could, and when you're an art major, no one cares.

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