Monday, February 26

over the hill and through the woods.... grandmothers house we went! today was zoe's first big trip. we went to ellen and greg's house for dinner and watching a movie. well, sort of. i planned on watching jane eyre with lori and ellen, and spencer planned on sitting around. i'm not sure what zoe planned on doing, most likely, eating and sleeping. right now, lori is holding zoe in ellen's comfy green rocker, and we're waiting to watch jane eyre. so, in the meantime, here is a bit of zoe's day.

first things first, she had a bath... a real bath! her umbilical cord stump finally came off, just in time for her big day. so, she got in her blue bathtub, got all soaped up, made sure to pee in the bathwater, and thoroughly enjoyed herself.
we tried on a new outfit, some overalls with a newborn shirt. and, while the newborn shirts used to fit, today, we graduated to 3-6mo. size. her torso is very long, but her little legs are so short. and oh so cute and chunky.
after i got showered and dressed, spencer and i loaded up the car with the moses basket, her diaper bag, my pump and bottles of milk. oh. and zoe. the ride to dahlonega was not too eventful, zoe slept the whole time, and i knitted in the back seat next to her. she slept for 2 hours after we arrived, and woke up to eat, get a diaper change, and a few photo ops.
so, that's zoe's day. i'll post photos separately, since i have so many of them.

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