Tuesday, February 13

uneventful day

today was a gloriously uneventful day with the girl. her gas is getting better, and i'm trying to keep up with her thrush medicine. i will tell you this, applying 1 ml. of medicine by q-tip to each cheek is a little more difficult than it sounds, especially when it has to be applied 4 times a day to a squirmy gassy newborn. enough of my complaining - i suppose it could be worse. she could be a squirmy toddler.

lori came over for a while today, and it was really nice having adult company in the middle of the day. especially since i still am not allowed to drive. sigh. i know i'll miss these quiet days soon, but right now, it's hard to learn to slow down.

and she's loving her swing... i've been trying to introduce zoë to her toys, but she's much more interested in studying me and spencer. not that it's a bad thing, but i'm so new to this mom thing, that i'm not sure when she should be interested in them. and she's getting her tummy time. today, it was maybe for 5 minutes or so before she got tired of it, but she is lifting her head, and turning it from side to side. she started facing her right, and lifted her head and faced left. is that a milestone? i don't know. but i do know she's a great kid, and any little thing she does is okay by me right now.

sounds like squirt is waking up. i should run.

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