Saturday, February 24

the day in pictures

*yawn* why does mom make me do this stuff first thing in the morning? i would so much rather get pampered and snuggled instead of this "toy" nonsense.
well..... i am looking pretty cute, so i guess i can do this play thing for a few minutes, to keep mom quiet. (there's a mirror on the other side of the orange circle)
oh yeah, flexing the cuteness!
hmmmm.... a fish. and now i'm on my stomach. what ever can this mean?
fish? so last year. i'm all about turning to the other side now.
good grief. i need to work out more. this is killing me!
oh yeah, feel the burn... one more rep, and then i'm done.
alright mom. enough is enough. i turned my head over, now pick me up and feed me!
i don't see a bottle anywhere near my mouth. what seems to be the hold up?
promises, promises. until i get breakfast, i'm not smiling, no matter how many times you're promising to feed me.
oh yeah. that's more like it. this is the face of a happy girl.

commentary by catherine. cuteness by zoë
and the bib in the last pic says "give peas a chance".... spencer's mom got it for zoe, since spencer is severely allergic to peas.... gotta love a mother's sense of humor.

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