Saturday, February 10

set phaser to stun...

so. day two at home. last night went well, but i'm sure that spencer and will both need a nap before today is over. and it's not even noon yet. spencer took the late night shift with zoë, something i am very grateful for, since i slept through her crying and waking up. i'll try to do that for him tonight, or at the least, sunday night, since he has to get up and go to work on monday.

she slept on a semi-three hour schedule, although she does wake up and squeak from time to time to let us know she's still in there. i laid in bed wondering "is her room too hot?" "should i go make sure her hands and sleeves aren't smothering her?" and all sorts of ridiculous new mom things.

we slept with our window open and the fan running, since we used to keep the house around 63-65 in the winter. now, the heat is set for 72, since zoë's room stays a little cool. we had originally planned to let her sleep in our room in a bassinet, thinking foolishly that we wouldn't hear her if she started crying. when she wants something, she definitely lets us know. i think it's probably better that she's in her room, that way we can keep our room way too cold for her.

pumping is going well i guess, it's hard with the way supply and demand works. my supply doesn't meet her demand yet. soon enough though. when she's not eating, sleeping or crying, she's an amazing kid, and spencer and i are in awe of her. how did something that cute come from us? and the big question i wonder is "how did something that huge fit inside me?"

while she's over 9 pounds, pushing 10, she's fitting newborn clothes, since her legs are so short. i put her in a newborn size sleeper today, one that is clearly labeled for 5-8 pounds. miss thang fit in it perfectly, and the legs might be a tad long. who knew? babies vary... i'm learning something new every day.

today i learned how to check my email, reply to one, eat a biscuit for breakfast and talk on my cell phone (not simultaneously) while holding zoë. now i need to figure out how to multi task like that with more important things like housework. in due time i suppose. and if you're wondering why i was doing all those things while holding her... well, she was exhausted, had a nice clean diaper, had been fed, and even got a new outfit that didn't have spit up on it, but would not go to sleep in her bed. so, i got to hold her, while she passed out in my arms, but awoke furious as soon as i laid her down. she's down now, and it's noon. hopefully she'll sleep an hour before she wakes up hungry again.

speaking of the little nosher, i need to go pump. like the boy scouts say, be prepared. or something like that.

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