Monday, February 12

gas pains, and a whole lot of self appraisal

last night was an exercise in patient parenting. zoë is pretty gassy, and spent most of the night waking up and crying. spencer and i got very little sleep, and almost as soon as he left for work, she woke up. she stayed awake until ellen and greg arrived to take me to the pediatrician with her. i had just enough time to throw on a jacket and try to fix my bedhead. she does have a mild case of thrush from the antibiotics, and needs a multivitamin with iron. we're now giving her mylicon after feedings, in the hopes that we'll get some sleep. and in the hope that she gets some relief as well.

today, we decided to try her out in the swing that mom got for her. after feeding her, i put her in, and she fell asleep immediately and has been asleep for a good hour or so. she's sleeping really peacefully, and it concerns me a little, since it might mean she'll be up all night again. i hope not.

my aunt debbie and cousin kristie sent me a double electric pump in the mail today. i am floored by their generosity, since my little manual hand pump is not cutting it, as far as time goes. they sent me a pumping care package along with the pump, and all the things they sent will be a lifesaver. as much as i wanted to breastfeed, it seems like pumping is going to be a good option for me, and for
zoë. and spencer as well, since he can feed her too, without having to resort to formula.

grandma and grandpa squier sent us money for
zoë, which, considering all the co-pays we're about to start racking up with prescriptions and doctor visits, is a welcome blessing. i guess i didn't know my family cared about us so much. not that i ever doubted they cared about us. but i've always been fairly disconnected from my extended family, and the love they're showing us is humbling. and makes me feel a little ashamed for never sending christmas cards, and being so sporadic with thank you notes. there is always tomorrow, and i'm hoping to get better at this family thing.

on the weird side, i'm allergic to something in the house, and it looks like i'm getting bitten by something all over. spencer is downstairs washing and bleaching the bedding, and i'm slathering on cortizone lotion like there's no tomorrow. i thought it might be an allergic reaction to the dishsoap i've been using to handwash all of
zoë's bottles, and pump parts... but it's spread from my hands to all over my body. if anyone has any ideas, please email me, since it's also making my hands swell.

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Alissa said...

She's absolutely beautiful Catherine! I am so happy to see pictures of her. I am praying for you guys and loved catching up on the blog. Sorry to hear about you allergic reaction. I don't have any suggestions, just simpathy, because I am, at the present moment, covered in hives, from who knows what!
I love you guys - kiss Miss Zoe for me!