Thursday, April 12

birthday boy!

today is spencer's big 30! i'm having a cake and ice cream party for him, since clowns and dancing poodles might be a bit immature. i will make sure to take tons of pictures, and we will definitely get spencer and zoe both wearing birthday hats.

oh! quick note. last night i went through zoe's closet, and ferreted out the things that are too small for her. at this point, we have her clothes in two closets, and they are both stuffed. and this is including a dresser that is also full. so if you see a really cute outfit that you desperately want to buy her, whether for her birthday or christmas, or what have you, please don't. i can't fit anymore clothes in the closets. a book would be much better.
and truth be told, i've always felt like you can never have too many books. i have a bookcase coming in the mail, and as soon as it gets here, i'm going to start investing in good books for the girl. i'm hoping she falls in love with her books like i did as a child.

so there's the scoop. pictures posted later, and happy birthday spencer!

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