Wednesday, April 4

things that make you smile

this morning, zoe and i were doing the usual 6:30 routine, and i realized how many little things she does that make me smile. i do get fairly easily amused, but she really brings me a lot of joy. i thought maybe i'd share some of those little things she does.

- shakes her fists in front of her chest like Wallace (from Wallace and Gromit) when she's about to eat. "More Cheese Gromit!"

- looks up at me and smiles in the middle of a feeding, letting milk drip out the sides of her mouth before she returns to eating.

- when she initially starts to cry, like if she's tired of being in her crib, it sounds like she's saying "mom"... but it sounds more like a whiny child, and a little more like "moooOOooom!"

- when spencer changes her diaper, she kicks her legs out on demand for him. if he's trying to get her pants back on, he'll say "legs out" and she straightens her legs out. she never does that for me!

- when she's hungry, and i'm holding her, she turns her head to latch onto my arm. i get lots of baby hickies this way... fortunately, they don't last as long as real hickies.

i suppose you have to be a parent to think these things are amusing. i just didn't realize how every day, she would bring me more joy. i think God planned things this way, so when she brings me pain, or hurts my feelings, there would have been joy already.... to help ease the blow.

we actually got to bed at a decent time last night, and zoe fell asleep around 10 ish. spencer and i went to bed immediately after she did... zoe didn't get up until 6:30, and i woke feeling rested. so, instead of surfing the internet, i think i will work on picking up the house. zoe's got toys and stuff everywhere, and she didn't even get them out!

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