Friday, April 6

you won't believe it....

well, you might. the camera needs new batteries again, so no new pics until i get some. but here's the big news! zoe rolled over tonight. she was getting in some tummy time and i was sitting on the floor next to her, reading through a book on children's health. (don't worry, i was watching her) she started grunting, and then lifted her left leg off the ground. she slowly lifted her left arm, and arched her back, and then kicked her left leg backwards... and then as neat as you please, little miss thang was on her back. i thought it was a fluke at first, but i called spencer and my mom anyway. while trying to get ahold of spencer, she did it again. when spencer got home from paying rent, i put her on her stomach, and we cheered her on. and she rolled over again. after that, she was pretty tuckered out, and just wanted to eat and get held.
i can't believe we're already starting to see her get mobile.... it's scary and amazing all at the same time, since this the first big physical milestone she's hit. sure, she holds her head up really well, and pushes onto her forearms when she's on her stomach, but this is so much more visible. she's 9 weeks old today, and it seems like a lifetime, and only a moment as well.
what an incredible journey we have in front of us... while i know there will be many more struggles and battles to overcome, i'm so happy we have her. she brings us so much joy, and honestly, she makes me want to have a houseful of kids. maybe i'm being premature, but the thought of having more kids feels different to me than it ever has before. less frightening, and more exciting.
and this post isn't coming out of 10 hours a night of sleep, or a baby who never fusses. last night i think i got 5 hours of sleep, and ole' cranky pants took 3 1/2 hours to actually fall asleep tonight. but i wouldn't trade it for anything. not a thing.

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