Sunday, April 8

delayed again

so, i have a ton of pics... but the batteries mom sent me are not strong enough to upload them to the computer. as it stands, i will attempt to leave the house tomorrow, and purchase new batteries for the camera. again i apologize for the delay...

so instead of tarring and feathering me, imagine zoe in her red chair, headband on, cute easter outfit on, and a mint green bunny (courtesy of aunt allie and uncle buzz) that says "my first easter." oh, and zoe is smiling. really huge. in fact, you can nearly see her tonsils. happy easter y'all.

i also have pictures of zoe in her stroller, we went for a walk earlier this week when it was warm and breezy. she slept the whole time, and i had a blast. lori joined me for the second mile around the neighborhood, and it certainly made the time pass quickly.

i'm also working on keeping zoe in a routine. it seems that if i'm not actively keeping her awake through the day, starting the bedtime rituals at the same time, and ensuring she takes short naps, she is up all night. the little party animal. last night she was up until 2am, wide awake and ready for action. so today, even though i didn't want to be out of bed, we got up at 11, and got dressed, ate and hung out with grandma and lori. she's laid down for 2 short 1 hour naps so far, and i think we're getting a little more on track. i need to really work on getting her to bed earlier, like 9ish or so, since she wakes up every day at 6:30a.m. it doesn't matter when she goes to bed, 6:30 is her time. i think it's because that's when spencer goes to work through the week, and it coincides with the end of a sleep cycle. seriously though, you could set an alarm clock by her wake up time. so, today, she's going to get a bath at 8, and we're gonna wind down for the night, starting at 7:30ish. i feel like such a mom now. with bedtimes and all that. i guess i never expected to have to start her going to bed so early, but i need some sleep too. she'll sleep from bedtime to 6:30, so if i want a full night, she has to go to bed early.

so, squirmy pants is in bed, taking her third nap for today. never mind. she just started hollering, using that unique blend of baby syllables that sounds like "mom." i better go before she decides to yell for dad. because i've got the corner on this name market. and there can only be one.

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