Tuesday, February 2

running behind, and a birthday

so, today we are celebrating zoë's third birthday. she's already opened some presents, although we're reserving others for the birthday party on sunday.

it's so strange to me to think that she's already 3, since it doesn't feel like it's been that long. i feel like it was just yesterday that i was walking into the hospital, waiting for the process to bring her into the world, not knowing what was on the other side of door number 2. she's better than any new car, or new furniture showcase, because she has radically changed everything about how i view the world and myself. i still deal with the same selfishness, the same selfcenteredness, but it is her need that has made it known to me. sometimes i just want things my way, but her reliance on me has made me want to be more loving, more giving, more like the Father who loves me more than anyone else in the world. i can't say i AM more loving and more giving yet, but she's only three, and i'm still young.

she is so sunny, and silly, so quick to sing and dance, and truly is the sunshine in our lives. i don't think i've ever felt the kind of love i feel for her, ever before, for anyone else. and for that i'm grateful. because i've grown and i'm growing, and she was the spark, the catalyst. our little spark of life - our zoë.

i have a bunch of pictures to post, from opening presents, to eating a birthday lunch and cupcake today, and also from going to a kids museum. stay tuned, because it's a lot.

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