Wednesday, February 24

tea and sympathy

i'm drinking a big mug of tea, and thinking, "there's something i was supposed to do last week, and i can't remember for the life of me what it was... oh. right. blog about zoë."

so here we are. i'm hoping the pictures work this time, because it's so frustrating to edit them for posting, and then have them not show up. i don't know, i still might be switching hosts, because i'm getting close to hitting my limit for posted pics, and i don't want to pay out any money. however, there will be tons of warning before that ever happens, as well as more internet dithering over whether or not to stay with blogger. and of course, i would make sure the archives came over as well.

it's hard for me to believe i've been blogging (albeit, more faithfully at times than others) for over 3 years. 255 posts later, i hope there is a sense of belonging to us and our lives, because as many of you are aware, i am horrible at traditional means of communication. not that it's excused in any form, but it is a flaw i am terribly aware of. it's one of those things i thought would magically disappear when i became a mother and an "adult" but i am still awful at thank you notes, and phone calls, and christmas cards, and all the other social niceties i so enjoy being on the receiving end of. so while i can't promise a flood of thank you notes (which really ought to be written and sent by now, but i've been a bit flooded with school work) i will try to get a lot more on top of that. i'm trying y'all. i really am.

with all of that behind us, let's attempt to post some pictures of zoë.

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