Tuesday, February 2

lots of giggles
and smiles

finally smiling for the camera...
not very healthy groceries, but she picked them out and checked them out herself.

getting more carbs to go with her lil debbie snacks.
scheduling appointments in the beauty salon
flying the plane
in the pretend ice skating rink, staring at the santa suspended in the corner, wondering why i've been telling her christmas was over.
forget the fire truck, hug the stuffed dalmatian.
showing proper dental hygiene
one final run around the playroom before leaving
checking out the kitties at the pound (the dogs and puppies were way too loud, and scared her)
giving high-5s.
the cat wouldn't high 5 her back.
i wanted to adopt this one on the spot... soooo sweet!
she inherited her gravity defying tricks from me and spencer (there's a wedding pic of us flying, so apparently it's genetic)
birthday presents!!!
what's in here?
potato heads!
open it momma!
movies to watch about being safe
lots of potato heads
showing me her cowboy mustache
making a very silly mr. potato head

this will be hours of entertainment, until all the parts are lost to the nether world of under her bed, or in the closet
at lunch at the grit today, eating mac n cheese
showing me her kissy face
kissy face round 2
the lips are starting to turn into a smile while i laugh at her behind the camera
the giggles began after this point
playing with her princess necklace (vintage paste rhinestones)

mmmm.... chocolate peanut butter cupcake
potato head eyebrows and cupcake
there's peanut butter in there!

and she then passed out from all the excitement, and is still napping 2 hours later.


Amanda said...

What a sweet girl! I can't believe she is three; Catherine, where did the time go? Meanwhile, I have a little girl who is about to turn ten, I'm spending the time trying to find books about puberty. Ack!

Michelle Stalions said...

How ridiculously adorable are the kissy face pictures! Zoe Beans is just flat out awesome for high-fiving a CAT (or attempting to). I am very proud of her grocery selections.

By the way, Cat, your photography skills are muy muy bueno!