Saturday, February 13

birthdays, snow days, and great days

because of the snow, i'm sitting at home, blogging, rather than sitting hunched over my loom, weaving like a 19th century 11 year old girl with no marriage prospects. haha. so here's all the pictures from this week, zoë's birthday, our 4 inches of snow, and zoë playing in it. there's no snow on the roads, which is a real blessing, so we're taking ourselves over to a friends house in our.......... new car! finally, we own a car of our own, and aren't borrowing one. it's been since november that we've been relying on the kindness of other people to ensure we're getting around. but we found a good deal on a little honda civic, and while it's not the biggest family car ever made, it's reliable, it's clean, and it's ours.

i have pics from zoë's birthday party, where in an apparent bid to usher summer in, i made pulled pork barbecue in the crockpot, potato salad, mac n cheese, and a big chocolate cake. with sweet tea to drink. all i needed was watermelon, and it would have been a menu straight out of june.

the mid 50's got colder very quickly, and we got 4 inches of snow last night, in about 4 hours. it's going to warm up, which means by monday it will be ugly and slushy. but zoë had a blast in the backyard today, and only wanted to come inside after her fingers got too cold. she kept asking to build an igloo, and i had to explain to her that georgia doesn't get enough snow to build an igloo. but the snow was glorious packing snow, and we made a little snowman, and threw snowballs at the house, where spencer was relaxing inside.

i was really glad i went grocery shopping on thursday, because spencer said people were driving crazy last night trying to get home. ugh. give us a little snow, and no one understands that driving crazy will get you in a wreck, not protect you from the evil white flakes falling from the sky. i think i've been in the south for too long though, and probably can't get away with laughing at the way the southerners drive. for all intents and purposes, i am a southerner, cringe cringe. ;)

needless to say, there's lot of pics, and they will follow in the next post.

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