Monday, January 18

this was my final project in drawing, i drew these portraits, and then embroidered them on linen. greg built the frames for me, and then i lit them.

zoë and our friend brent, who is about to be a poppa himself
me and the new camera at michelle's house
these were not purchased for bacon fest, erin already owned them.
brent and michelle's newest puppy, billy.

sitting on the new yellow chair.

please note: there is an extensive kitty glamour shot collection coming up, so if you don't like furry cats posing cutely, please scroll through quickly.

this is a big pot of "apple cider raisin soup" according to zoë.

mmmm... raisins.

awww... poor snick, she's so tolerant of hugs, but she really hates it.

playing the appalachian one stringed stick guitar. or something like that.

looking like she's about to retire in boca, with her leopard prints and furry scarf.
she's painting! except with no paint.
trying to figure out what spencer is doing with the car...
favorite outdoor activity - drawing with chalk.
the usual face while drawing with chalk.
lemon rosemary olive oil cake... soooo good! incidentally, the best light is in zoë's room, which meant she was on the left side of the picture, salivating.

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Michelle Stalions said...

LOVE Zoe's glamour shots!
Catherine your embroidery skills are like you...amazing!