Thursday, January 7

the aquarium, part deux.

last year around this time, we took zoë for her first trip to the aquarium here in atlanta. while she certainly enjoyed it, i think this year it was a lot more fun. however, because i didn't have a great lens for low light shooting (got it in the mail when we got home today, go figure), zoë's excitement at all the fishies translated into a few blurry pics (boo!) and lots of use of the flash. which isn't a bad thing, since the canon has a really lovely flash that doesn't wash out the subjects. i don't entirely know my camera settings necessary to get true lighting (the light was primarily filtered through the water and was blueish) so it's not always the correct color. at least we'll have a benchmark to look back at, and laugh at. :) i did take a few shots with the portrait lens (the low light one that arrived today) and i'm in love. it's wonderful... you'll see.

also, i'm turning into my mother. tonight at midnight, after spencer finally went to bed and i was able to pick up a little, i swept and mopped. which may not be a big deal to anyone other than me, but i distinctly remember my mom vacuuming at 2am when i was younger. well mom, i get it now. i really do. who would have figured.

also, because i am a fish nerd (i wanted to be jacques cousteau when i grew up at one point in my childhood) i posted pictures of fish. because they are awesome. and some of them have wicked sharp teeth, or awesome pinchy claws, or can clean a cow carcass in 5 minutes. (side note: when spencer went on a mission trip to the amazon, he brought back a stuffed piranha. which we had for years until i was too creeped out to hang onto it, and we got rid of it... you see those sparkly red bellied fish zoë is in awe of? piranhas. i think it's genetic.)

a very excited girl at the outset of our journey... notice the neatly styled hair? watch its progression through the pictures.
ready to go to the aquarium!
fish bellies
fish bellies.
genetic piranhas.
cloverfield monster?
in my defense, the person taking the pic gave no warning, so excuse the ridiculous expression on my face.
these rays were HUGE!
fishy face
dr. teeth? is that you?
having a lot of fun
the porthole was so dang cool
whale shark!
she can barely hold still
look at the fish she's staring at... it's bigger than her!
jellyfish. nuff said.
in awe of all the colorful fish
making a fishy face
refusing to look at me and smile, kinda cranky after a long day
notice how big the pupils are? seriously low light.
tired beans
her fort, that she is so proud of
sweet fabric on my old baby blankie, given new life as a fort for a silly sweet little girl.

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