Wednesday, January 6

photos and explanations

so you're about to see that i got a new camera... something desperately needed, as the old kodak simply quit. first the flash died last year, and then it quit holding a charge. it didn't matter that i bought new batteries, a new charger, and made sure that everything was charged before i used the camera. i would get 2 pictures, blurry ones at that, and then the camera died. i'd switch batteries, and get another pic, and it was dead again.

which means that although i had the camera, and batteries at christmas, it would not record the festivities. so as much as it pains me to say this, i have no pictures of christmas worth posting. which is infinitely frustrating, but there's nothing i can do to change that fact. it was the final straw for me though, as i was going to try to make it work without the purchase of a new camera. i want a record of this really precious time in zoë's life, and all the changes and ways she's changing, and the only way to do that was to upgrade. so here's a few quick snaps from today (the camera arrived via fedex at 2:30, and the battery was ready to go at 4:30)... i'm still figuring out low light situations, to avoid blur, so forgive the dearth of pictures.

also, i've adjusted the pictures to be a bit more compressed, and this will help the blog load quicker as well as not take up your whole computer screen when you enlarge them. if you want the big originals, just drop me an email, and i'll send them to you.


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