Monday, January 18

over due...

wow. where did the week go? i have photos to post from bacon fest (where we got together with friends, and everyone brought food containing bacon {including ice cream and pie!}), ellen's birthday, our first really lovely spring day, and a friend's wedding.

school has started, which means i'm back in the grind. this semester ought to shape up a little easier, since i'm only in classes 3 days a week, and spencer attends on the other 2 days. it gives us both a little breathing room, and allows for a much less stressful day. i'm taking intro to photography, weaving 2, and relief printmaking, along with a required art history (boo! - i would rather take another studio, but it's not allowed).

i am going to try to keep up with posting pictures regularly, with the new camera, i just want to take pictures all the time. which is great for you guys, but not good if i get a backlog. like i have tonight.

new pics will post soon, i have a bunch of things i need to list in my etsy shop, which means i will be a busy bee tonight, as well as desperately trying to finish amanda's wedding quilt. for the wedding which was held on saturday. oops.

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