Tuesday, June 5

a day of firsts

so, today zoe had a big first. she tried cereal for the first time, and absolutely loved it. i was initially hesitant, wanting to wait a few more weeks before introducing her to solids. but, after talking to her pediatrician yesterday, he felt like she was probably ready, since she was hitting her developmental milestones early. oh and she's 16 pounds, 10 ounces and just a hair shy of 26 inches long. both of those measurements put her pretty squarely in the 95th percentile, another reason we decided to try cereal.

i didn't have any at the house, but i didn't want to waste a trip if it wouldn't work. so, we tried a few spoonfuls of water, and she figured out pretty quickly how to get it in her mouth. by the third spoonful of water, she was opening her mouth in anticipation of the spoon. and that's when i decided she was truly ready.

once she got the cereal, you could tell she was really thinking about the texture... her first spoonful gave her a wrinkly forehead, and she spit it out. the second spoonful, her mouth was open in anticipation, and while she didn't get it all in her mouth, she figured out how to swallow it. we gave her approximately a tablespoon, the recommended amount for a first cereal feeding. and when we were done, she was not happy. she fussed a little, and i gave her another spoonful to see if that was the cause of the crankiness. it was. she wanted more.

so, we've turned a new page in parenthood. now the diapers are really gonna be stinky. but, with that comes a growing baby, who's getting bigger and more wonderful everyday.

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