Wednesday, June 13

big picture update

the last late night greeting she's given me in a week. yay for sleeping through the night!
in the cart...
helping us shop at toys-r-us
zoe and her poppa sure look alike...
zoe meets aunt allie for the first time.
hanging out
spencer's cousin sarah and i. notice the perfect "myspace" pose.
she was thinking we would let her eat chicken. it didn't really work out.
happy girl
meeting her cousins
panoramic of the wilson family reunion... zoe, the youngest member is sitting
next to the oldest member.
we decided she could handle the bumper pads going back on...
sitting up, slightly propped.
the motorcycle gloves, in progress
waiting to get her shots at the dr's. office. she had a long day ahead of her still...
oodles (i love the panoramic feature!)
i liked the coloring of this one.
dinner at oodles for lori's birthday
she was tuckered out after her long day
post crying
the paci.
big surprise. another awesome old movie.
lori is totally stoked. you just can't see her face.
another board game!! woohoo!
self explanatory
sock closeup
lori's birthady socks!
aunt allie and zoe hanging out
can you believe she's in her 30's?
checking out zoe
ellen, greg, aunt allie, uncle buzz, and us at lori's house
mmmm.... fake milky goodness.
spencer after oral surgery
our living room needs more seating
lori and ellen drinking coffee
spencer discussing family history
ellen, greg, aunt allie, uncle buzz and lori at our house
the rhubarb cream meringue pie i made disappeared in about 10 minutes. yum.

the week in pictures... the camera batteries finally charged.

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