Saturday, June 12

phew! we're back.

so mom has been asking me to please post pictures. i ended up taking a longer break than originally planned, but it has been nice disconnecting a bit, and getting to do things off the computer for a change.

summer is in full swing, and so are zoë's allergies. we have discovered (the hard way) that she is severely allergic to grass, so she's on steroids and an allergen reducer. dealing with a toddler on steroids is not very fun, but it's only through august, just to make sure she's not housebound the entire summer (which would be awful for everyone involved). she's had to be in the house while the medication took effect, which made for a very long 2 weeks. but we're on the other side of that now, so we're just in maintenance mode.

we got to go to the farmers market, and we've taken quite a few trips to the library. tomorrow is family reunion, and then it's aunt lori's birthday party. we've also gotten to play with some friends from church every week, and i'll post a pic of the two adorable kids zoë gets to learn how to be gentle with, and share toys with, respectively.

even though we were on break, i took about 200 pictures, so posting them will take a little time. it might not even happen fully until later tonight, or tomorrow. but i do have them, i just need to process them down to a more blogger friendly format.

i got a's in my classes, and spencer's working on adding some more certifications to his commercial license this summer, to help boost his future desirability as an employee. not much else is going on, just enjoying being out of school, and getting zoë out of the house again.

pictures are forthcoming, so don't fret. :)

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