Saturday, June 12

picture day.

so what i thought would be a huge pile of pictures is a lot smaller than i imagined. as i was going through, i realized i am the impromptu photographer for all the friend and family get togethers, and not everyone wants to see my friend's birthday party, or a different friend's wedding, etc, etc, ad nauseum. but here are the pictures i do have, of our sweet silly little beans.

her friend maggie, who is teaching her how to share.

cole, who makes faces like his poppa, and is teaching zoë to be gentle.

when her allergies were flared up, she was pretty pitiful looking.

pre-allergies, the grass hadn't been cut recently.

look at me, i'm on the big girl potty! (which took us all of 2 days, since she was finally ready to be a big girl).

our pastor's son taught her to make this face. thanks ryan.

at ted and caroline's wedding. she seriously enjoyed all the cake...

when ted cut a piece to take a bite, zoë swooped in like a vulture. needless to say, she was not allowed to sit with them anymore.

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