Friday, April 16

time away, and big girl things

so we held spencer's birthday party here on sunday. it ended up being 15 people present including the kiddos and it was great fun. our living room and kitchen turned into a big dining room, and we were truly crammed in like sardines. zoë was convinced the party was for her, and was buzzing around like a hyperactive bee the entire time. and this was before we unveiled the cake. you would have thought it was the greatest thing that had ever happened in her young life, and when spencer was serenaded with the happy birthday song, she was so excited she nearly cried. meatloaf and mashed potatoes was the birthday boy's request, so i made 10 pounds of meatloaf and 15 pounds of potatoes. followed up with a homemade 7 pound yellow cake with chocolate icing. tons of fun. and tons of leftovers.

on tuesday, after enduring months of meltdowns over hair brushing, we finally gave zoë her first big girl haircut. the pictures i've included are the before and after, but it looked a lot better after being washed and her bangs getting a trim the next morning. it's flouncy, curls under naturally, and is ridiculously thick. all in all, the kind of hair i always wanted. it's spencer's hair for sure, just in a different color. she looks so grown up now with her haircut, and it's bittersweet to say the least. but the meltdowns have ended, and she loves flipping it around and swishing it around her face. so i would say it might have been overdue.

and finally, a little announcement. because of the semester ending so soon, and the immense amount of work i have in front of me before it's done, i'm taking a break from the computer. i'm thinking i'll take a month off, enjoy being disconnected, and try to keep my head above water with school. i will continue to take pictures, and i might try to sneak one or two posts in here or there, but for the most part, we're going on a month long vacation. it may only be a vacation from the computer, but it's a vacation none the less. so, after i get these pictures uploaded, we'll see you on the other side of may. love you guys!

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Michelle said...

I love the big girl haircut!