Wednesday, June 23

we went to family reunion last week, and zoë had fun seeing family members she doesn't see often. we also threw lori a small birthday party, while aunt allie and uncle buzz were in town. they once again spoiled zoë with lots of presents, and i'm looking forward to getting spoiled with aunt allie's poundcake recipes. i might be helping put together a family reunion cookbook, it just depends on the interest in it from the rest of the family. not everyone is as passionate about poundcake as i am. haha.

we've discovered a lovely little park, in a neighborhood that was first built in the 1880's. the old houses surround this central grassy knoll, with trees and 3 adirondack chairs. apparently the fireflies think it's lovely too, as it was bright with their sparkles every time we went down there. it's only a block from us, and zoë enjoyed getting to run around and scream quite a bit.

we also got together with friends the day after father's day, in a pseudo-celebratory gathering. amanda once again proved her worthiness in the kitchen, and i made underdone hamburgers. go me.

like any kid her age, zoë enjoys hamming for the camera. especially with her jammies on her head. the first pic is her "serious" face (which may or may not be slightly constipated). the second is just unadulterated pure zoë beans.

spencer's about to go on the road for his job, leaving me and zoë home for 2-3 weeks at a time. needless to say, we're headed for a bit of adjustment. i am not relishing the idea of being without him at night, but i know we'll be okay. we've been housesitting of a sort this summer, and tomorrow we're going to a walk through of a house here in athens. i'm hoping it's the "one" so that we don't have to continue searching. finding a house that isn't rundown, or in a scary neighborhood, for an affordable amount is hard this late in the rental season, since everyone pre-leases for the fall waaayyyyy back in the spring, starting around spring break. crazy. but it's a cute little 2 bedroom, in a decent side of town, walking distance to our favorite park, with a picket fenced front yard, and a privacy fenced back. here's hoping. at any rate, we'll be trying to cram a move into a 2 day break while spencer is home, and that's never fun. good thing we sold so much at our summer yard sale!


Amanda said...

she is such a cutie. And the hamburgers where great. We're all still alive and kicking!

Michelle said...

beans is pure awesomeness on the jammie pics. I'm really glad Spencer won't be driving that long on the road for all of the Mills' sake!