Friday, August 3

wellll.... we're back from memphis at last. zoe was thrown a half birthday by my mom and sister, mostly by my sister. she's a born party planner, and i'm impressed the way she has these things planned out. zoe got to taste some frosting, and i don't think she was too interested in a second tasting. she enjoyed it, but there's a difference in her expression when she wants more. namely, an open mouth, and she complains if you delay too long. so, we're back at home, and settling back into the usual routine. note the obligatory airplane picture.

zoe got her shots yesterday, and she did great. better than anytime yet. minimal fussing, and she's been sleeping like a rock. she's 18 pounds 7 ounces, and 27 1/2 inches long. 90% for weight, and 95+% for height. she's staying on her own little growth trajectory, and i'm okay with that. she's already in size 12 month clothes, and i'm having to sort through all her 6-9mo. stuff to get it out of her closet.

the house is progressing wonderfully. i forgot to take pics today when we were there, but the siding is on, the HVAC stuff is getting put in, and plumbing is being put in as well. we could possibly have sheetrock started next week. how exciting!!

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