Thursday, August 23

glorious awakening

it appears as though the unthinkable has happened.

i gave birth to a morning person.

now, while those of you who know me catch your breath at this traumatic announcement, the rest of you (all 2 of you) may wonder why it even matters.

it doesn't. zoe is a happy, sweet little girl, who just so happens to be in her best moods at 6am. call me a whiner, but i almost wish she was a night person. and this is after 4 months of begging and pleading with God for her to sleep through the night. never satisfied, i guess. if she were up just a tad later in the evenings, i'm sure i would wish she would go to bed. and the alternative is to have a grumpy baby in the mornings.

i'm guessing you've seen her pictures. the ones with the sleep still in her eyes, and she's smiling? yes, that's the set. she greets me with that face every morning, when i go investigate the babbling coming from her room.

she's talking a lot now, more than she has in the past. and she's into making all sorts of screeches, squeals, and oh. fake coughing. she coughs a lot when she feels we aren't paying enough undivided attention to her. she's a sneaky little thing, as soon as my back is turned, i hear spasms of coughing coming from her blanket on the floor. and when i turn around, she's all smiles. and giggles. as if she's played the best trick on mom.

she's teething again, with her top two coming now. one tooth has broken the surface, and another is about to. bringing the tooth total to 3 (and one on the way). all this, before 7 months.

and speaking of 7 months, she's going to be 7 months on the 2nd. it truly seems like only minutes ago we were in the hospital, getting to know each other.

her personality is really developing. and it's sweet. she is a bit more clingy than she was, and i'm wondering if the separation anxiety is about to kick in. and yet at the same time, she wants to be down, and looking around, getting into everything she can. she's trying to crawl so hard, but hasn't quite gotten it yet. but she's really rocking out the sitting thing, and can sit, unaided for a few minutes. that is, if she doesn't decide that her toys are more fun on her belly.

i'm enjoying this phase of hers, wide eyed to the world, excited by everything that moves. but i can't imagine how much more she's going to change. it makes me a little sad. she's moving beyond being completely reliant on us. now, she's very very needy of our help, she is, after all only an infant. but she's already starting to stretch those baby wings, and wants to figure things out on her own.

that's the update on the sweet girl. i didn't think the pictures could completely convey all the growth she's doing. and boy, is she growing. she's in 12 month clothes completely. amazing.

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