Thursday, August 9

weekend update. :)

so the weather here has been ghastly hot, with the heat index somewhere around 110. since yesterday was sunny and around 98, we took zoe swimming at ellen and greg's house. the pool was nearly 86, and she had a blast. we only stayed in for maybe 20 minutes, but while we were in, she was having lots of fun.

life has been pretty routine, but it's been good. even though it's so hot, i'm starting to get my christmas knitting underway. zoe isn't quite scooting yet, but she's sitting up on her own for about a minute or so at a time. she doesn't quite understand how she is supposed to sit, so sometimes she'll reach for something over on her side, and tumble over. she's napping right now, and does pretty well with sleeping when she's supposed to. she also has a tooth coming in up top, but it's been just below the surface of her gums for weeks. she's outgrown most of her 6month and 9month sized clothing, so she's wearing mostly 12month. oh! and we had her 6 month checkup recently. i can't remember if i blogged about that. but she did really well with her shots, better than she's ever done before. she's still in the 90% for weight, and 95% for height. so she's a big girl, but she's very tall to balance out her heft.

some people wouldn't like me mentioning this name, but zoe has been doing a lot of "jane fonda" style exercises. they're very cute, she does leg lifts all day long, in bed, on the floor, anywhere she's laying down. and while she's still learning how to stay sitting, she is starting to push up on one arm, almost to the point of getting into a sitting position.

so i won't complain that she's not scooting too much, or crawling. Lord know, i'm not anywhere near child proofed in this house. so i guess i will enjoy her stationary play while i can.

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