Friday, August 17

spencer's cousin, and mine by default, spent the night. this is the aftermath of dinner, dessert and watching 300
zoe and michelle hanging out at our old house
zoe loves her little piano... she keeps grabbing the animals, since they move
someone randomly dumped a washer on a road near greg and ellen's house
the rock pile from the front
rock pile on top... it's serving as a pseudo retaining wall
the back yard... a gentle slope just waiting for sledding this winter!
the back yard, pre grass
the bar is framed out in the kitchen already
the breakfast room
hanging out on the deck
the back yard again
greg's arm on the deck
our neato rock pile from the back
the breakfast room, out onto the deck
zoe and grandpa, discussing the plans for the yard
{i think he was sharing his green grass secrets}
ready to go home, after checking up on the progress

yes, i know it's been a while. my batteries have been dead, and the charger has been missing for nearly 2 weeks. thankfully, spencer knows to look for my things in weird locations, and the batteries are charged. that somewhat explains my lack of pictures, since my camera has only been able to take one at a time before turning off.

so, at last. more of the baby. forgive my tardiness. as of today, drywall should start going in. and once some of the walls get drywalled, the house will feel more "real."

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